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    Norm wrote:

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    I just finished the most recent John Sanford “Prey” book; Ocean Prey. I’ve now read the entire series, or at least so far. Now I’ve started his Virgil Flowers series. Flowers is a minor character in the Prey books, a small town Southern Minnesota police officer. All through the Prey series the repeating comment by scores of other characters is “ that f’ing Flowers”. :lol: It’s a mantra. I’m looking forward to more of a deep dive into him.

    Both Virgil and Lucas appear to be irresistible to women. I just can’t relate to that.

    It’s a male writer, so of course they are. :wink:

    He does write some good female characters. I liked Rae. And Letty. I understand he’s starting a new series focused on Letty, first book is out late April.

    Now SHES interesting!