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Don Adams Wheel of Justice wrote:

gator wrote:

Don Adams Wheel of Justice wrote:

I watched that game on a 12 inch black and white TV as an 8 year old kid. One of my absolute favorite memories of childhood.

Did you already know the outcome or were you unaware of it while watching?

I can’t recall if we were watching the initial TV broadcast (yes, I know it was tape delay) or a replay. I just remember we won and that it was a huge deal for the entire country.

Edit: I know I’m risking a permanent ban by saying this but when I played hockey by myself in the yard in the days following the game, I was always Mike Eruzione instead of a Gophers player. I don’t think I comprehended that half the team were Minnesotans :) .

How times have changed. The game was tape delayed even though they were playing in NY