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I got a letter today from MnDot reminding me that my license is expiring. My birthday was 5 days ago, so my license was already expired. I wanted to get the real ID. I got the necessary paperwork and went to the license bureau in Lakeville. There was no wait. I was figuring that I might get my license renewed with some hassle, but little chance of getting the real ID. In less than 15 minutes, I walked out with my temporary license. They said I would receive my real-id license in 2 weeks. No hassles, no issues.

My in and out for Real ID was similar. Less than 10min. BUT… It took about 8 weeks to get the actual ID. I wish it was only 2 weeks.

I’ll let you know when it actually arrives!!

As promised—I received my Real ID today. About 2 1/2 months…

I suspect they quoted me the regular license turnaround.