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g-manpuck wrote:

In 2021 my wife and I finally got to experience Duluth and we both fell in love with the area. We made a couple trips up and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves both times. Canal Park and Lake Superior are wonderful settings that give great views. Watching the sun rise over Lake Superior was a highlight during our trips. The other thing I have found myself fascinated by is the ships going in and out of the harbor and watching the Aerial Bridge go up and down. Throughout the year I have watched the Duluth Harbor cams on You Tube and have enjoyed watching it very much. I bring this up since today Lake Superior shuts down for the season as the Soo Locks close for annual maintenance.

I look forward to more trips to the Duluth area this year as we have two planned already. One we are going to explore Duluth a little more and then the other we are going further up the North Shore. We have made it as far as Silver Bay and plan on making it to Grand Marais this fall.

I am enjoying watching as the last few ships are on Lake Superior today as they either head to the other Great Lakes or into Duluth for winter layup. It has truly been a simple pleasure this past year.

The towns are great but the parks are incredible. Last year was a down year because the rivers were dry. But Cascade River is a wonderful hike.

If you like golfing. Superior National is awesome. It’s been many years since I golfed it but having river rapids flow through a hole is pretty awesome. And the view of the lake are great form the hill. :dup: