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Kelly Red wrote:

We don’t have room for a king even though we’d love it, one reason I adore staying at hotels! But another marital bed tip, each of you gets a separate blanket or duvet. I learned this in Europe, there’s always 2 separate duvets on a shared bed. Not having to wrestle coverings has saved many a night :biggrin2:

None of that would work for my wife. She has to be touching me with her feet most of the night. She would follow me across the Serengeti in her sleep to make sure her feet were touching me. I usually roll over in the night and she follows me right over to the edge. She rarely uses about a 1/3 of the bed on her side. I should have prefaced this by saying we have a queen bed. Our room couldn’t fit a king and it would be a waste anyway. When we stay in hotels with a king size she does in fact end up right beside me with 1/2 of the bed not used. Having separate beds wouldn’t work either. She can’t fall asleep until I’m in bed with her.

Don’t need separate blankets because I rarely sleep under them, even in the winter. My wife on the other hand would like to have the entire inventory of Bed, Bath, and Beyond laid upon her to sleep. Yes, she has a weighted blanket. In fact two of them; a 10# that is in the bedroom and a #15 out in the living room. I shit you not that she has about 30lbs. on her in the night in blankets.