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D2D wrote:

Having read about all of the “crud” that’s been going around I was just wondering, could this be the latest variant, soon to displace Omicron? :wink:

Reading through this thread I do feel fortunate not to have had any illness during 2021…hope I can safely say that with just over a week to go until we flip the page over to 2022.

Both my wife and I did suffer from who-knows-what in October of 2019. This started in embarrassing fashion when boarding an airplane in the Cayman Islands, as we were about to head home. Tried to muffle it the best I could but my coughing fit lasted a good half hour which made me think they were going to kick me off the plane! But thankfully by the time we reached Fort Lauderdale the worst of my coughing went away, and I quickly started to feel pretty normal. Unfortunately, my wife caught whatever I had soon after we got back home, but her’s was much worse with all the usual flu symptoms. This caused her to be bed-ridden for several days as she felt awful.

Again, this was October 2019 which was several months before the CoVid-19 outbreak here in the U.S. But to this day I wonder if we may have caught something similar, or possibly Co-Vid itself, while in Cayman.

It wasn’t Covid. My mom thinks the same thing about her illness around the same time. If you had Covid in Cayman in October and my mom had Covid in MN in Oct, they wouldn’t have only measured a cluster in Wuhan spreading out from there. It would have been all over the US instead of an original cluster in WA state.