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The Rube wrote:

davescharf wrote:

Knowing we likely will now not have to quarantine for Christmas again this year.

My son had to go to the Doctor because he’s had an awful cough again of late and now he has a runny nose and even a low grade fever. He’s probably had 6 COVID tests this year but this is the first time we were really worried about him testing positive because the symptoms just felt different. He came back negative for multiple things so he must just have what we used to refer to as the crud.

The crud is going around. Both my nieces just went through it.

We kept my son home last week because he had the crud. We had him tested twice, negative results, so we concluded it was the crud. He usually gets a bad cold every winter so this was his for the season. Glad it is done before the weekend for Christmas and next week when we go see the in-laws.