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I was more early arcade (fam refused to buy us home consoles). So, Ms Pac Man, or my specialties: Galaga and Tempest.

Invested lots of quarters in those Ms. Pac Man machines. Also favored that golf one where you played holes on famous courses. Loser bought the next round.

College years, tUMD had a small arcade, about 5-6 of us played Street Fighter II. Winner stayed, challenger paid. Lots of fun, and had good friendships because of it.

It was NHL93 and MarioKart in the dorm for us. The wars were pretty epic.

We also evolved into Doom! On the PC. It I basically sucked at that

Post-college, had 3 other friends, and would play 4-player Genesis NHL (was it 1995 that intro’d the 4 player?). Tossed our driver’s licenses in a hat, drew teams. real-life checking allowed during play. :D

Thinking of all the systems over the years, Jaguar, Dreamscape, 3D0, Neo Geo, the list goes on…