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frozen4champs wrote:

I think a couple of factors are playing into some of the companies decision being closed on Thanksgiving. This year, I think a lot has to do with the employee shortage. My wife’s retail store is so shorthanded that they can barely cover the hours open now. In this climate, the retail employee has the hammer, and if they don’t like their job, they can go down the street to get a similar job for about or more money. Which plays into my 2nd thought about this. Companies are trying to create good will amongst employees so closing on Turkey Day may lead to a better attitude with employees. My wife’s company opened on Thanksgiving a few years ago, but the pandemic changed that, and am hoping that they will continue to be closed on that day. Not sure what time they open on Black Friday, but she has to be at work at 4am. Since we live an hour from her work, you can imagine what time she has to get up.

Bingo. Been in retail my entire life. 21 years of it Home Depot. We have never opened on Thanksgiving. As for staying late Wednesday to set the store, since you can’t sign everything or bring certain items out before 9pm (closing), it can get dicey. I always had a good plan and never kept anyone past midnight, but my last year as a Store Manager (2013) I started setting product on Tuesday and covering it with black plastic and now the entire company does it. I wasn’t the pioneer of the idea.

Anyway, going in at 5:30am to open on Friday was always fun. I get that it’s not for some, but the rush of opening the doors and things being organized chaos for 30 minutes was fun. Working BF also made for a great excuse to not travel over T-Day.