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Here’s the rundown, TLDR for some, fine.

Downtown Houghton:

Townie bars:

B&B: dingy, locals only, never have seen tourists outside of this group. Cheap-arse drinks.

Douglass House (aka “The Dog”). Same as above, but a little more fun atmosphere.

Mid-level bars:

The Downtowner (aka The DT): Bro-bar. Known for cheap Long Island Pitchers (they don’t bother with glasses, it’s literally a pitcher with 2 straws). This past summer, they cost $9.50. Beautiful deck, decent wings. Edit: the pitchers are Thursdays only.

Keweenwa Brewing Company: cheap beer compared to here, and equally as good. No food served, but BYO is allowed, and some places deliver there. Nice looking space.

Higher end:

The Ambassador (aka The Ambo): Great food, calm/relaxed atmosphere. Tostada Pizza and a fishbowl (drink of choice) is the way to go.

The Library: Ditto for atmosphere, but even better food, and they make a mean Old Fashioned.

The gem is still Fitzgerald’s in Eagle River. Inn/restaurant, and it’s ALL top notch. RIGHT on Lake Superior (we’re talking feet from the deck to the lake). It’s my Zen.