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HockeyBum wrote:

We had about 30 Trick or Treaters this year, which is about twice what we had last year. Hardly anyone on my street ever has their lights on for Halloween, so I don’t blame the kids for skipping us.

I asked around yesterday what to expect and was told very little. Maybe 20 to 30 kids… we even gave the adults candy. We were handing out Huckleberry taffe. Though I took some trash out around 7ish and most house had their lights out. So folks might be skipping my street as well. And as I type this, with all my lights to my house off… someone just rang my door bell.

There are few things better than Wilcoxson’s huckleberry ice cream sandwiches. Every time I go back to MT (my fiancés family lives there) we always eat those every night.