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The Rube wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

First year handing out full size bars. 210 handed out by 7:35 pm. We are out of candy. New record.

Paraphrasing the Tweeter Machine:

Funny how many Minnesotans ran out of candy about 7:15pm…just sayin’.

I would never intentionally run out to watch the Vikings. Halloween is big for the kids and we have lots of kids driven to our neighborhood. The more the merrier.

Pre-Covid we would have about 200 kids. CRAZY numbers after our old neighborhood. Our own kids are finally big enough to trick or treat on their own. My wife and I were enjoying a bon fire in the driveway with a couple adult beverages while handing out candy (something I’ve always wanted to do). The Vikings were recorded. I feel terrible we ran out. No way to predict such a surge in trick or treaters. I think we could have had 300 this year.

Odd thing this year is we had several adults trick or treat. I felt weird handing candy out to guys with beards. Just go buy your own. I don’t mind spending $100+ on kids but if you have a career and want candy…..go buy your own.