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Kelly Red wrote:

Our last night in Johannesburg, we head back home tomorrow. It has been a fabulous trip, I can’t believe the animals and interesting behavior we’ve seen.

Great guides really made the trip. Sitting around “bush tv” aka a bonfire each night shooting the $h!t with guides, other travelers was so fun.

Highlights: hyenas and vultures ripping apart a fresh kill-nasty business but we couldn’t stop watching. A new born baby giraffe still wobbly on his feet. Lions laying in the road so close we could hear them purr! Elephants walking by our vehicle, stopping to inspect us, giving us the eye.

What I won’t miss? 5am wake ups so you’re out by dawn, animals most active in the cool morning. The :censored: paperwork involved each time we went to a new country. All of Africa LOVES paperwork, it employs more folks. Why have one sheet when 5 will do, each asking for the same info and when you hand it in they don’t even look at it. 7 Covid tests (the stick up the nose kind) in 25 days. Iffy internet usually when we needed it the most for downloading results and QR code’s made for too much stress.

But I loved each and every day, it was always different. If you ever want to go to Africa PM me. We had a great travel agent who arranged exactly what we wanted.

I remember the immigration process for both Ethiopia and Kenya being incredibly inefficient and somewhat expensive especially since you have to pay the immigration fee with their currencies. Safaris are so incredibly cool as is Africa in general. Lovely people everywhere you go and curious where you are from. Glad you enjoyed it. We witnessed a lion family politely eating a kill which involved them going one at a time to eat by themselves…very disciplined hierarchy of who eats first, second… etc. Sounds very different than the hyena family.