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The Rube wrote:

I do love this time of year. While summer is my favorite, in fall, the air seems crisper, I hear the HS band playing here and there nearby, etc.

It’s also the time of year, you have no idea what to dress for. Light jacket in the morning/T-shirt in the afternoon? Is it really hoodie season already? Crap, I over-dressed so much!

My wife and I have talked about when we retire what parts of the year do we want to spend in MN, what parts in Thailand what parts elsewhere.

I love a MN summer as in ways anyone that’s never lived in a cold clime can appreciate since winter can be so brutal. But fall is my favorite time of the year and I said our time in MN each year must include Sep-Oct. Football starts, the leaves change color, there are homecomings to attend, the occasional warm days feel so invigorating, Oktoberfest, putting on a hooded sweatshirt but also sometimes wearing shorts, Halloween, our family just happens to have several fall birthdays, etc. It’s wonderful.

But yeah 2 days ago I went for a drive and it was 67 outside so I had the sunroof down but was wearing pants and long sleeves. Got home and felt hot so I put on shorts. Then I felt cold. It’s maddening yet enjoyable at the same time. :lol: