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davescharf wrote:

gator wrote:

It’s the little and simple things I find as a simple pleasure of being a new dad of 3 kids in the last nearly 5 months…

– Taking one with me to Home Depot or Cub for a quick errand.

– The youngest one calling for me after we put the kids to bed and wanting me to tell her a story (a random story that I just make up and I couldn’t repeat if I tried… lol!!!).

– The random hugs and kisses and “I love you Jeremy” from all 3 three.

Makes this whole new life for me A LOT more appreciated!!!

Have you taken the youngest to a Home Depot build it kids workshop yet? I’d assume they will start those up again soon if they haven’t already but my daughter enjoyed going to build something there

I’ve taken the middle and youngest and they have brought home kits to make at home.