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Took my 4 year old daughter to Valleyfair Sunday afternoon, pretty much against my wife’s wishes, oh well, and she had an absolute blast!! Even wanted to go on Wild Thing even though she is too short – “Look how fast that one is Daddy, lets go on that!” She is going to share her Dad’s need for speed!!

We had one minor moment, we waited for Wild Mouse and she kept telling me how excited she was to “Ride a real roller coaster.” But the guy said she was too short when we got up there. She was right at the mark for it, and he said she had big shoes on so she was too short. Walking away she just started bawling and said that’s not fair, I waited for my turn daddy. So I went a bought her a largest Ice cream dish I could find. Its my fault, we measured at home and I told her she was tall enough and got her excited for it. I guess that made up for it because I got a “Daddy you’re the best” and a big hug from a happy kid as we left. Which was WAY better than watching the Vikings game.

We’ve been holding off planning things and doing much of anything given the current situation. But it helped me realize she is only going to be this age for a short period of time, and soon she won’t “believe” anymore. So today I am booking a trip to Walt Disney World for next Spring, I need to take her while she still thinks it is actually Rapunzel waving at her. Reading the posts above me also reinforces how quickly that time will come.

Time to go max out a credit card or two.