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Last Thursday was the first day since March 2020 that I HAD to go home for lunch to check on my dog and let her out. Everyday since March 2020 either my wife was working from home(she went back to the office in May), or my daughter would come home for lunch from work(she is back in Winona for her senior year of college), or my son has been home(summer is over and he is in school five days a week).

My dog Layla, check the picture to the left to see her, is an Aussie mix with bunches of anxiety. We were really concerned when each of them weren’t going to be around during the day. It’s being a gradual transition and Layla made it through last Thursday and Friday very well. The humans have made it through their transitions fairly well also.

Layla did get some good treats this weekend from the grill, we spoiled her with a few scraps…probably not good for her but she deserved a treat.