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The Rube wrote:

Started a side gig at a local liquor store. Guy walked in ready to buy Johnny Walker Black, but was open to try something new. I pointed out a decent one at the same price point (within $2-3). He asked me what I would like for that sort of taste, I mentioned Balvenie 12Y0, but also explained it’s a decent jump in price (about $20-25). He stressed quality. :dance:

I then went into the beginner’s lesson of scotch, and he ended up buying the Balvenie.

Manager (who had NOT been privy to the conversation) saw his purchase as he was checking out, and commended him on his choice. Customer pointed me out, and said, “Well, he said it was his go-to [editor’s note: it is, for scotch], so I guess I’m making a good choice.”

*fistpump* (only my second day on the job)

Not even an average day when I was working at Tonka Bottle 30 years ago.

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