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davescharf wrote:

Last night in Moab and I’m looking up at the stars on the back deck of my cabin while the Colorado River flows about 50 yards away from me. The huge rock formation should be more visible across the river in about 30 minutes as the moon comes up over the canyon too

Nice… Reminds me of our friends cabin down the road from ours. Theirs sits on the bank of the Middle Fork of the Flathead river. Nothing better then going down to their place in the evening, sipping coffee, having homemade ice cream and hearing the river as well as trains travel though the Red Rock Canyon. Our cabin you can’t hear the river so much, though you can still hear the trains in the distant.

I’ll post some of the pictures when I get back and put a link somewhere for anyone interested in seeing.

I’ve been out a couple nights doing some night photography and am planning to do it at Bryce Canyon as well. I’m still experimenting a lot but I think I have some cool shots