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gator wrote:

Every season has its purpose and eventually a change. And I think it’s come time for me to retire from vending. While vending was a great part time job with flexibility and excellent pay for nearly the past 15 years, it’s also has changed and been more of a burden in last 5 years. And with being recently married (4/24/21) and having 3 kids, that burden is not worth it anymore. I’ve told myself over and over to never let myself be enslaved to a job, especially a part time job. While the part time money would be great and help out with family expenses, it’s also not worth losing out on the memories with my wife and 3 kids. As well as putting more tasks on my wife without me being around cause I’m out vending at one of the ballparks or stadiums in the Twin Cities.

I have lots of fun memories and stories from vending. Stories and memories that are mind boggling and book worthy… LoL!!! Though I feel I’m going to build greater stories and memories with my wife and 3 kids. Stories and memories that will be lifelong memories for me, but more importantly lifelong memories for my wife and 3 kids!!!

We’ll never forget the margarita shooter at target field! (When it worked). :lol:

Good for you though, you won’t regret it.