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The Rube wrote:

gopher6 wrote:

Poolside 😎

ughhhhh, no fences fields bugged the hell out of me in my playing days, even though it helped people like me.

It probably overall helped us yesterday. We were fortunate enough to have 3 very fast and 1 pretty fast outfielder this weekend so the opponents who wanted to show off how strong they were ended up hitting a lot of 350-375 foot fly balls. A couple guys got it over them for home runs, but far more tried and failed. (I tried twice, once it worked, once it did not). It’s very aggravating to hit the crap out of the ball on a backspin line drive that goes 350 feet right where a guy is standing. 🤣

Unfortunately most of our infield was playing injured or out of position due to missing guys, but it was still fun.

Also, fairly sure you quoted the wrong post :lol: