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Beauner wrote:

YoungEagle wrote:

Breaking 80 on 18 holes for the first time ever. Almost blew it with a double on 18 but ended with a 79.

The first time I had a legit shot to break 80, I was sitting 75 on the tee box of 18 at Stonebrooke. Hit a perfect tee shot. Hit my iron to the center of the green. First putt rolled about 3 feet by the hole. Second putt clownfaced back at me. Three-jacked for a 5 and an 80. I was so bitter.

Went back to where I first putted from on that hole to putt it again and drained it dead center. 🤬

Fortunately a couple weeks later I shot a 78 (thanks to three chip-ins) so it didn’t haunt me for long. But it still bugs me.

Some day I hope to break 100. :oops: