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    Post a link when it’s published, sounds like a fun read.

    I love the Christmas markets in Europe! The past three times I’ve travelled to Europe have been over or near Christmas and it’s truly magical to see the magnificent cathedrals surrounded by markets. The Feuerzangenbowle I had in Luxembourg City was fantastic!

    It’s a private club magazine, it’s not online. But I’ll try and post a link to a Word doc when I’m done, no photos but the articles can be read.

    I’ve been to various Chriskindlmarts all over Europe. I love to try the local gluwine, sour cherry and blueberry are favorites.

    I’m obsessed with Krampus, belong to the MN Krampus Society. My favorite parade is in Switzerland, with these light headpieces called Ifflen.

    Google Klausjagen Kussnacht.

    Now I have to know how many members make up the MN Krampus Society.

    About 50. We’ll be at the Loring Park Christmas Market, and various Winter Carnival events this year. Plus brewery events! Check out the schedule on FB