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I love this time of year for sports viewing.

Women’s College World Series is on (watching fastpitch is seriously underrated, those games are very entertaining IMO), the NCAA baseball tournament is underway, the NHL playoffs, MLB season in full swing, the PGA Championship a couple weeks ago and US Open in a couple weeks, and even the NBA playoffs (a distant last place for viewing for me among these options, but still light-years better than regular season).

My son’s baseball team is playing in the Battle of Omaha the end of June, same times as the CWS. I have been through Omaha in the summer when I was a kid with my Dad in his semi truck and the baseball fields lights were things of dreams for this Northern MN boy. Now in our first year of travel ball, we get to go down there and I am taking him to a game, don’t care about the cost of tickets. It won’t be the same as Rosenblatt would have been, but the CWS energy is so awesome!

My two older sons have played in the Omaha tournament that coincides with the CWS so I’ve been down there twice. The atmosphere is awesome! The fan fest outside the stadium is great with some baseball centric vendors (Baseballism, Routine, etc..).

If you’re going the 2nd week of the CWS, you’ll have better luck getting Gen Admission tickets to the outfield since half the teams will be eliminated. Otherwise you would have better luck with assigned seats.

Thanks for this tip. You are the 2nd person that has said the same thing so I am looking forward to it.

Any tips on where to get group tickets?

Also, the last I heard the CWS is not doing GA tickets in the outfield, everything is going to be reserved.

We got 20 GA tickets from the Slumpbuster Tournament we played in, but it doesn’t look like they are included this year, which makes sense with current situation.

I did purchase extra games from https://www.ncaatickets.com/championship/college-world-series. I would try there for group tickets. As teams get knocked out, you may be able to find fans trying to offload their tickets too.

Was on the phone with the NCAA, Ticketmaster and CWS today. They will not do group seats this year nor lift the restriction so I can buy tickets for our team. But I found a pretty empty section and we all booking in the same area.