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Kelly RedKelly Red

    MNGophers29 wrote:

    @Kelly Red how long have you guys owned your place? Daryl has had the friendliest dogs since I was a toddler. My kids love Diesel and I just told my 12 year old Diesel passed and he teared up.

    My husbands family bought property on the island in the early 70s when he was a kid. They camped for several years. They built a cabin, trucked across the ice, in 1976. We inherited the cabin in the late 90s.

    Daryl really does a great job with his dogs. Do you remember Merc? The dog before Diesel, another Rotty. There is a new dog, pit mix, it just showed up last fall, Sadie. But she’s not working out as she growls at guests. Daryl said he got her too late and she’s too aggressive. He doesn’t trust her. He’s looking to rehome. She’s an okay dog, just not right for all the people that go through the marina, the Unistar campers for example. I think there’s a chance a litter of Rotty puppies arrive soon, Daryl apparently gets first pick.

    So funny Diesel story…Daryl had some boat/car break ins a few years ago. Trouble making locals knew people parked their cars at the marina or had stuff in their boats. Daryl hid Diesel in a boat and hung out nearby. Sure enough, here comes a couple of guys looking to steal stuff. Daryl waited until they were on the dock, arms loaded. He whistled for Diesel and this huge dog from hell leapt out of a nearby boat, barking away. Guys practically crapped their pants! :biggrin2: Diesel got extra treats that night.