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    Slap Shot wrote:


    The marina where we store our boat has had a long string of Rottweilers as guard dogs. The last one was Diesel. He was the friendliest dog when he knew you. We usually show up late in the evening, Diesel would appear out the darkness. Could scare the crap out of you if you didn’t know him, but mostly he wanted a pet and a roll in the dirt. Reminds me of this dog; happy, jumping, rolling on the ground to get a good belly rub. But woe to anyone who didn’t belong.

    Diesel passed this winter and now we’re waiting for the new dog to appear. The marina owner is an excellent dog guy and they’re always well trained. With so many people going in and out, his dogs have to be, but it’s a skill.

    This dog and little girl are hilarious, joyful indeed.