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Kelly Red wrote:

We opened our cabin! Always a banner day on our calendar. No dead mice. Water pump primed on first attempt. No downed trees. Only issue was a crack in the toilet flush pump, but was quickly replaced after an emergency trip back to marina and local hardware spot. Rewarded ourselves this morning with donuts, too many donuts. But coffee on the front deck, sitting in the morning sun, watching the water made the extra calories a non-issue. Donuts eaten in the sun are diet free. Right?

Yesterday we witnessed a pair of male loons square off over territory right off our dock. Wing flapping, loud yodeling, rushing at each other. I’m sure there was a female temptress swimming somewhere out of the way, watching the battle with studied indifference.


Oh I can totally echo those sentiments opening the cabin with a lack of mice and leaks.

My uncle and I were priming our well pump this year and after I poured a few gallons in the system we turned the pump on. Now typically my mom has a checklist before we turn the pump on to make sure everything is attached/open so water will start flowing as we want it to. However, unbeknownst to me my uncle disregarded that checklist so after the pump turned on I hear this awful spurting noise coming from the bathroom. Water was spraying up in the cabinets like a geyser because we didn’t reconnect the toilets water intake pipe into the wall. Needless to say obscenities started flying like gulls after a gunshot, but I got the water turned off…and a mop and got it taken care of. Wasn’t fun but certainly a learning experience to properly utilize her checklist.