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I just watched the replay. The spread of covid after that crowd will not be a simple pleasure. :no:

I asked my husband, what was the point of limiting it to 40%, they were packed together along the viewing rails?

But the horses are magnificent and there’s nothing like watching a thoroughbred go all out.

That was only 40%? Yikes. Still a horde of humanity.

I hope someday to attend the Kentucky Derby, it is a spectacle worth seeing live.

Never attended the Derby, but I’ve toured Churchill Downs, the stables and the fabulous museum. It’s pretty spectacular overall, even without the race.

I watched a morning workout run of several horses, the hot walk area. I loved the stables more then the fancy viewing stands. There’s nothing better then the general smell of horses. They let you pet a retired horse (very CALM, unlike most race horses).

The museum focuses on the Derby and famous horses. They have this exhibit where you get on model race horses and they project a race in front of you. The horse actually moves under you to simulate a race. You have to ride like a jockey, if your butt sits down you’re disqualified. Crouching for 2 minutes kills your thighs! It’s really hard but fun. Somewhere I have an unflattering photo my friend took of me racing another friend.

Have only been to Canterbury, but some don’t get the watching of the horses in the paddock and the stables pre-race. I think it’s awesome, to see some of the prep, how the horses are acting to the crowds, the noise, etc. Yes, it’s for mythical (and in this case, yes, pure mythical) betting and such for me. You see the little things of the behavior of the horse, really tune in to the animal. There is this huge beast, that is trained to do one thing. All the hundreds of years from being wild, to being tamed, and sometimes going beyond that…it’s amazing.