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Hammy wrote:

The Rube wrote:

Edit: Mainstreet was, and is, still the true neighborhood vibe/townie bar.

When the Hopkins Tavern was there, we’d drink in both… go from one to the other and back again several times a night. It was basically the same people but a slightly different vibe. Heck, even the bartenders of each place would take a break in the other bar… :lol:

I’ve lost a lunch or two in the parking lot behind Mainstreets a few times over the years. Damn Fireball :puke: :mrgreen:

I will say thank God that Mainstreet keeps real bar hours (open until 2am) otherwise I never would have seen the Cubs win the WS. Even 819 was not extending hours that night (a couple other Cubs fans were there for the first part of the game).