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    Went to Pub 819 in Hopkins today, usual time, usual seat. I had barely sat down, and boom, bartender was already setting my cup of coffee down. Apparently she saw me walk in. Now THAT is service. :)

    I miss the Hopkins Tavern (which is what that location was before Pub 819). It was just beer, booze, and Heggies. That’s it. A hole in the wall but fun (especially in the summer) It was lively later at night too. Now all of that action is gone. Pub 819 is usually dead by 10pm :(


    Yes it was (I remember it way back in the day).

    If you want action after 10pm during the week, guessing Mainstreet Bar is the place. Maybe the Wild Boar if you don’t mind the bro-crowd.

    I lived in Hopkins about 30 years ago. I remember a bar called the Blue Ribbon Bar that was directly across from Mainstreets. Is that the 819 now? I also remember Archies,( now the Wild Boar?) with the low ceilings and back in the smoking in the bar days it was like a fog in there. There was also a bar a block off main street that was a sports bar that had a murals on the walls, that is now a flooring store. Those were some fun times in Hopkins. :D

    That bar across from Mainstreets has changed names probably three or four times since you were there. But Pub 819 killed the vibe for good. That spot used to be more gritty and had a neighborhood feel. Now it feels corporate. Oh well…

    Archie’s was the hard rock/metal bar in the 80s. Not that I was able to get in since i was underage but I definitely remember the vibe. I was too busy trying to bribe shady 20-something dudes to buy me a case of beer over at Leaman’s Liquors :lol:

    I’ve been to the Wild Boar a couple of times but it’s just not my scene at this stage in life.