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What lake are you on?

Our lake iced out 10 days earlier than last year, and lake Mille Lacs is already mostly open about as far as I can see from the road.

Pike Bay. It’s attached via channel on the south end of Cass Lake.

Nice. Are there muskies present in Pike Bay?

Yep. My first year owning the cabin I was trolling around trying to find a perch hole for the kids and snagged a Muskie. First I have ever caught. I also know they do a Muskie tournament on Cass each year and there are always 8-10 boats casting in the same area I caught mine.

I fish for walleye now though.

We have Muskie fisherman almost every night by the reed bed to the side of our cabin. (Cass). My husband just bought this stupid floating alligator to put in the reeds. It looks very real and has reflective eyes and should scare the carp out of somebody :lol: Also the camp kayakers cut through the reeds, first kid that spots the gator is going to freak!

photo please

Of the gator ;)

To further clarify, not our Gator….

The gator her husband bought.