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I’m done with ushering for the year and probably for good. I don’t have a Lancer to raise money for and I’m done with giving up my weekends in the winter. I won’t miss the Mav fans and students but I will miss watching hockey for free.

On a side note, I didn’t even make it through this shortened season without dealing with a shithead fan. It wasn’t a Mav fan…it was a former Gopher player, so he told me. He snuck in with two girls after the ticket office closed but the Civic Center let him stay. He sat down and immediately started in on yelling about every expletive at the refs. He just gave me attitude about how batteries and crap were thrown at them back in the day and he couldn’t believe he couldn’t yell shit at the refs. I told him not to be a Mav fan. He left after the empty netter and proceeded to chirp at the Civic Center director on the way out. Kind of the low point of the year. I didn’t recognize him, he must have played before my fandom began in ’06. He was hanging out by the NMU door to catch up with G-Money from what I gather when I was walking out.

Anyway, I hope to be able to catch some Gopher hockey next winter since I will have Friday night’s clear since Saturday’s should be filled with wrestling tournaments with my son.