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Sioux/Bucky Hater wrote:

Cowgirl wrote:

Simple pleasures – the dealer in Wisconsin were a-holes to the dealer we are working with here so they get nothing. I get to custom order a vehicle I’ve wanted for years. And then wait three months. :D 😩

Cool that you get to order a new one. Not cool that the WI dealer would not do the dealer trade with the MN dealer. If you told the WI dealer where you were from, they absolutely knew the trade request was for you. Shame on them. You reap what you sow.

Pretty sure they knew it was us, but even the local dealer basically said without saying it that they were assholes – he did say they were completely crazy and unreasonable. I’m a little disappointed as it means a few extra K out of our pockets but glad to screw them. 😆

Do not ever try to do business with Palmen motors in Kenosha. I think we’ve crossed Belzer’s off the list for the future too.