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Ya I’d say see ya. There will always be another car basically exactly the same.

No sh*. Forest Lake Chevy held the car for me (refundable, as long as I showed up to take a look-see) no issue there. I agree w/rest of crowd. F them. There will be an identical version of what you seek somewhere….

There isn’t. That’s the problem. Trust me. We’ve been scouring dealers within 200 miles.

If you have to have that car, that bad… Just finance through them and immediately pay it off (with either a check or a different loan). You’ll pay some financing and extra charges, but avoid paying their interest. If the specific vehicle is that important that is.

Otherwise, there are car “brokers” who you can call that will search nationwide for you and can arrange delivery. Of course there is a fee for that, but if the vehicle is proving that difficult to find it may be helpful. A friend of mine used one to find a specific car he was looking for, he said he didn’t pay that much extra and it was worth it because he wanted that vehicle in a specific trim and color that badly.

Sometimes, dealerships will do that, too. If you go in looking for a car with specific features/options, and they don’t have one on the lot, they’ll do a search to see if there’s one in the area. Then, they’ll try to work out a trade with a dealership that has what you’re looking for.

This is how we got our Honda Pilot. We found the car we wanted on the Brookdale Honda lot, but in the wrong color. We told them if they can get this in the color we want, and for this price, we will buy it. They drove one down from St Cloud the next day.