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Cowgirl wrote:

We thought about financing through them but it’s more of a PITA. I haven’t had to go through this for awhile – is it custom for places to NOT hold a vehicle when you are telling them I want it and will pay full price?! It blows my mind.

No. But stealerships are just that. Most want to milk every last cent out of you and don’t car if you ever come back to buy another car. They want you in a 7-8 year loan with ALL the add-ons possible.

Last 2 times, I just flat out lied. I had a final number in mind and said I will talk about term and payments when we get to financing after we agree on price. Then see what it is, or bust out your cashiers check.

Most dealerships “prep” the car and want at least 2-3 days to do that anyway. So once you make an agreement, make your down payment and tell them you’ll come back with the payment. I would just say I also need a day to empty out my trade. If you’ve both agreed and signed, and they walk away then, that is some shady stuff…

Never tell a dealership you are paying cash, then they know they are really unlikely to milk extra dollars out of you when you pay it all up front, rather than $22 a month for the next 7 years on a loan. You can say you have your own financing which they are welcome to try and beat, but don’t say cash until you’re already locked in.