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The Rube wrote:

Bertogliat wrote:

The 2 of the last 3 cars we purchased we did our research online and found Luther was the best price (one GMC and one Honda). They did not haggle. We even left to continue the look only to come back to Luther.

They said they price low and go for profit by volume. They mentioned they get customers from Duluth and even Fargo from their online business.

I think more and more places are doing that, because they realize that most don’t like to haggle (or are uncomfortable doing so) and if there IS wiggle room, that means they are over-pricing in the first place. So they just set a price, and rely on word of mouth for a bigger customer base….

They said if they price high enough to haggle they won’t get those customers from greater MN. Those people will just click to the next site. Is that swipe left or right? :lol: