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davescharf wrote:

gopherguy06 wrote:

We bought one new car and used a TrueCar price through my work, so basically found what we wanted and printed that and brought it. Was simple to do, but not sure how good that price is or what it is tied to.

We are likely going to be buying in the coming year and not looking forward to the process.

When I bought my Altima in 2013 I told the guy who let me test drive the vehicle that he had first dibs on my business. I gave him a number that I said would work for me and not lead me to shop around for the best price. He said he couldn’t go that low even though I know it was a fair price.

Then I called every Nissan dealer in town 3 days before month end and asked to speak to their Internet Sales Team. Those guys at the time were incentivized to on volume.

Once I got quotes from those who gave them to me I then called each one back and told them the best offer I had and asked if they wanted to match it. I told them I’d make a decision in 36 hours regardless of whether they made a counter or not. Just before the deadline I got an offer that blew me away and when I compared it to TrueCar it was a pretty great deal too. A couple guys were pissed but they all know that a car is a commodity. Ironically I got it for about $2000 less than the offer made the first guy

I’m sure the industry has changed a lot in those 7 years but cars are still commodities. If you have as much info as them you can be up front about what you’re doing to buy a car an ply them off another. If a dealership is really close to a monthly or quarterly sales goal they’ll give you a deal because the bonus they get from hitting the goal is well worth knocking a few grand off it for yours

I’ll second this advice. I used a version of it when I traded in my truck for a new one. It really helps when you are not in any real pressure to buy a new vehicle (my old truck drove OK but the financing but the deals they’ve were offering were too good to pass up) but I understand not everyone may always be in that position. Last day of the month is key. I have purchased my last 3 vehicles on that day and have been satisfied with the outcome each time.

[mention]davescharf[/mention] We are thinking about getting rid of our 2010 G37x for possibly a Volvo. In starting my research I came across a post of yours from 2013 about your then new Altima. What a coincidence!