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MNNavy wrote:

Cowgirl wrote:

We found another option locally at Belzers and will see how it goes. Anyone have any experience with them?

I bought my truck (2015 Chevy Colorado) there. They proudly proclaim they are the largest Chevy dealer in the state, and their prices are typically as good or better than the competition.

They lowballed me on my trade, and when I threatened to walk away from the deal, they reluctantly added $1000 to their offer. Of course, when I went to sign the paperwork on the purchase, it was typed up with the original offer – I had to threaten to walk away from the deal (again) before they would honor the negotiated trade-in. I went in preapproved from my credit union, but they got me a better rate, so I threw them that bone.

A couple years later, my wife was in the market for a new car, and they had a Malibu Hybrid that she liked. They lowballed her on her trade, too. We did end up buying from them, but sold the car outright (to Apple Ford, who offered her $600 more than Belzer, even though we weren’t buying a car there).

Based on our experience with them, we’ll never buy another car there.

OBTW, their service department SUCKS.

I will never buy from them based on how the owners have treated other small business owners and friends. Luther or Apple Auto is where I take my business.