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We are planners. A couple of years ago we were planning on building a new house. We always kept an eye out for deals for stuff we were going to need for our house. So when we saw something we needed on sale at Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy etc, we would figure out the price and go buy gift cards at Hyvee so we could also get money off gas purchases. We also used a credit card to buy those gift cards that gave us 5% off purchases at grocery stores. It was a win win. We still do the same thing now, but to a lesser extent. When buying a car, we have a GM Card and build up money on that for added savings. As a farmer, I can rack up some big expenses, and I try to put things on cards as much as I can to get the bonus points. It only works if you pay off the credit card every month or otherwise it makes no sense.