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Cowgirl wrote:

I think that’s why we were given the run around yesterday and they wouldn’t accept our offer – because we weren’t going to finance with them. Nope, I can do way better than your 7% interest rate. (He seriously came at us with that to start.) And even if I let them pull my credit score (which is just shy of perfect) they couldn’t beat the offer we have from a local credit union.

This is gold!

We had a similar experience. Walked in with our own financing which they were not happy about. I think they ended up breaking and matching the rate we had from a credit union because we had a GM card. Little did they know after everything was about finalized we pulled out one more discount worth about 3k because we had a GM card. The looks on their faces!

We wanted to put a down payment on a credit card for miles points. They claimed they could only accept 2K that way or it would generate a fraud alert….and also there was apparently some kind of cashiers check scamming going on in the area. This sales guy was so full of lies it was almost comical. We found another option locally at Belzers and will see how it goes. Anyone have any experience with them?