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I’ve only bought 2 vehicles from dealerships. First vehicle, first dealership, I said here’s the kind of vehicle I want, and here’s my budget. You can do that? You have a sale. “Well….I’ll have to talk to a manager about that…” NOPE. I walked. Second dealership, said the same thing…”Let’s sit down and work this out.” He got the sale.

Second (current vehicle), did the same thing. Saleswoman flat out said, “We can work this out, let’s sit down.” And huh, it worked out. No haggling, no BS, outside the standard “Can you do anything on the price?”

Obviously, in each of these situations, my budget was a little less than what it REALLY was, gotta have that wiggle room. Both times that a sale was actually made, there was no push from the salesperson. I approached with no BS, and they responded in kind.