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We do a ziebart undercoating on most of our vehicles. It has served us well thus far.

I’m surprised they’re still in business.

I bought a Ford pickup made of aluminum. The same salesman that used to try sell me rustproofing now tried to sell me a $750 paint protection treatment. :lol:

It’s those and the fancier extended warranties that cover all the computers in the car that aren’t covered under the regular warranty. When we bought our Murano in 2015 I had to spend over an hour with that guy before I finally wore down and took the offer at 80% less than where he started. I suspect he was ready to get rid of me when he asked why I didn’t want an extended warranty up to 120k miles and I responded ‘well if I ever have to use it I’m never buying another Nissan’

We’re probably buying a new car sometime in 2021 (depending on the pandemic). I’m telling whatever guy that sells it that I’ll just walk away from the deal if they drag me in to try and sell me on some other add on. I don’t have the time or patience for that crap.

In Dec of 2019, we bought my wife a used Ford Edge, and the guy in the finance office would not take no for an answer on the extended warranty.

You need to “protect your investment.” My investment? You mean this thing that is only going to depreciate rapidly as I drive it off the lot and further as I use it? This is a terrible investment. Then, if this breaks it will cost this much, it this breaks it will cost this much… Wait a minute, are you telling me all these things are going to break, maybe I don’t want it. And one of the things you just listed is specifically excluded in the tiny printed list down here…

I told him, those guys are in the business of making money AND are giving you a cut to sell this. So they are banking on the fact that during their coverage period, they are very unlikely to payout more than the cost of the coverage plus the cut they are giving you. I am going to play the same odds. His final retort was that 98% of his car buyers are buying one, and he couldn’t believe a young family wouldn’t want peace of mind. I told him that I thought 98% of his car buyers were dumb with their money then. My wife got uncomfortable and left the room saying, lets just go somewhere else as she walked out which appeared the be the ticket as he finally back off after about 30-40 minutes of this.

I guess when we got in the room and he found out we weren’t financing he decided to do the full-court press with the extended warranty.