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    Cowgirl wrote:

    I tried to buy a vehicle today and they wanted $3K more than website sticker price. “You don’t qualify for the discounts that get you to that price.” We tried to talk them down $500 and they wouldn’t even take that. I think it took them by surprise when we got up and walked out, but they lost the sale.

    This was in WI and they claim they can legally advertise falsely like that online (I don’t know it that’s true or a line). As soon as he started the “I need to go talk to my manager” I was done. Why do car dealers all have to be so damn shady?! We were completely prepared to offer them the website price. Their loss.

    More of a pet peeve I guess. 😬

    THIS! I did all kinds of research when I bought my new car. I knew exactly what I wanted and exactly how much to pay for it. My husband drove me to the dealership and hung around just in case things didn’t work out. I had the classic, don’t look at me, look at my husband. Don’t answer my questions, direct the answers to my husband. He won’t seriously talk final price with me. Did this whole nonsense about payments when I was paying cash. Finally I got up, walked out and found a female salesperson. Came back to dealer #1 and said, you just lost a sale I’ll work with her.

    He turned to my husband with this bug eyed look and my husband said, you blew it. Her car. Her money. I’m just the ride. Bought the car from the woman. She just laughed. I paid cash and walked out with the keys. I waved to the guy as I got in the car :biggrin2: