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We do a ziebart undercoating on most of our vehicles. It has served us well thus far.

I’m surprised they’re still in business.

I bought a Ford pickup made of aluminum. The same salesman that used to try sell me rustproofing now tried to sell me a $750 paint protection treatment. :lol:

It’s those and the fancier extended warranties that cover all the computers in the car that aren’t covered under the regular warranty. When we bought our Murano in 2015 I had to spend over an hour with that guy before I finally wore down and took the offer at 80% less than where he started. I suspect he was ready to get rid of me when he asked why I didn’t want an extended warranty up to 120k miles and I responded ‘well if I ever have to use it I’m never buying another Nissan’

We’re probably buying a new car sometime in 2021 (depending on the pandemic). I’m telling whatever guy that sells it that I’ll just walk away from the deal if they drag me in to try and sell me on some other add on. I don’t have the time or patience for that crap.