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I have always said I have never had a real job. Worked as a position coach for a year after and some how was “gifted” a B.A. in Econ. from my alma mater. Spent 1 semester @ in law school & hated it.

Had worked construction as a summer job so being broke I went back to it ” just to get my feet on solid ground”.

35 years later, after occasionally looking at entry level “real jobs”, I retired with a Taft Hartley pension. Thank you very very much UBC & J of A.

I was in field management for a good portion of it so I guess my college goal of coaching happened. As a supt

you are 1/2 HC & 1/2 baby sitter.

Been retired full time for 4 years & had 6 years of part time work as a “scaffoldologist” in nuc power. That was fun for a gear head like me.

Retirement is good, as long as it is on your own terms.

Melt snow melt. Time to ride!