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    4. The top three best-selling sodas of 2018 were Coke, Pepsi, and Diet Coke. What impossible-to-categorize beverage was number four—making it the country’s best-selling non-cola?

    A little side note to this question. From my short time working part time for Pepsi it should be noted that while Coke is the world’s best selling pop in the nation and worldwide…Pepsi and Mountain Dew are #1 and #2 in the upper midwest by a mile.

    Which just goes to prove anyone can be wrong.

    Diet Pepsi is for me far better than any Diet/Zero or whatever Coke has to offer.

    I’ll agree with that to a point. The taste of aspartame doesn’t jive well with Coke. But when I go into the caffeine free arena, I start to like diet/zero Coke more than the equivalent Pepsi products again.