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Questions for

Theme Thursday, March 10, 2022

Seasonal Concepts: All answers this round will contain the name of a season.

Answers in tomorrow’s email.

1. Born LaDonna Adrian Gaines, what singer was described in her 2012 obituary as the “undisputed queen of the ‘70s disco boom”?

2. A popular 1988 computer game called “Wasteland” was resurrected in 1997 into one of the most successful video game series ever. Name that series.

3. What 57-year-old actor is best known for his roles Ryan O’Reily on “Oz,” Dennis Duffy on “30 Rock,” and Mayhem in those insurance commercials?

4. What Tony-winning Broadway rock musical, featuring music by Duncan Sheik, opened in 2006 with Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff in the lead roles?

5. What jazz standard lent its name to a 2000 romantic film starring Richard Gere, Winona Ryder, and Anthony LaPaglia?