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Answers to Monday, March 7, 2022

1. Independence from what nation is celebrated somewhere in the world, on average, once per week?

Great Britain/England

2. Which lived more recently: the Stegosaurus, the Brachiosaurus, or the Tyrannosaurus Rex?

T. Rex (by about 90 million years)

3. Recognizable for its distinctive yellow-and-black covers, and for covering topics from chess to sex to Canadian wine, what series of how-to books has produced more than 2,000 titles since its launch in 1991?

“For Dummies”

4. The fictional Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, is the setting for almost all of the novels written by what Nobel Prize-winning American author?

William Faulkner

5. A German doctor named Franz believed all living things are bound by a force he called “animal magnetism.” Thirty years after he died, another doctor turned his last name into a synonym for “hypnotize.” What was Franz’s last name?

Mesmer (“mesmerize”)