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Answers to Tuesday, April 12, 2022

1. What body of water divides the Italian and the Balkan peninsulas?

The Adriatic Sea

2. The SI unit of electrical resistance is named after the German physicist who first described it. What was his last name?


3. What corporate mascot’s weirdly dark backstory claims that he was orphaned when he was very young and never knew his own birthday, which is why he loves throwing birthday parties for other kids? Hint: His middle name is “Entertainment.”

Chuck E. Cheese

4. Bassist Mike Kroeger worked at an Alberta coffee shop in the early ‘90s, where he sold cups of coffee for $1.45. What did he later name his band?


5. How many times are refried beans fried?


(it’s a mistranslation of its Spanish-language name, “frijoles refritos,” which just means “fried beans”)