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Answers to Friday, February 25, 2022

1. Quit While You’re Ahead: There are six world capitals located within 1,500 miles of Washington D.C. Name as many of them as you can for one point each. Zero total if you get any wrong.

Ottawa (Canada), Nassau (Bahamas), Havana (Cuba), Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Kingston (Jamaica), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

2. The best-selling jazz album of all time is Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue.” Davis played trumpet; name one of the two saxophone players on that record.

John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley

3. What company, which many “Seinfeld” viewers didn’t realize was a real business, made millions of dollars selling replicas of props from “Titanic,” including the Heart of the Ocean necklace?

J. Peterman

4. When two letters combine to make one sound, that’s called a “digraph.” Examples include “S-H” making the “sh” sound, and “O-O” making the “oo” sound. Which letter of the alphabet was a digraph until the 14th century?


(it used to be written “uu”)

5. Today is February 25. Born on this day in 1873, what Italian operatic tenor, one of the first commercial recorded musicians, was known off-stage for being the victim of extortion by a gang known as the Black Hand?

Enrico Caruso